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Finally, hair care for the rest of us! Original Moxie is, first and foremost, about real people just like you – not models or glossy fashion magazines. Of course those things are fine and dandy in their own right, but they don’t have much to do with creating hair products that actually work. That’s why, right from the start, we decided to do things differently.

“Moxie” means bucking convention and doing things your own way, with spunk, spirit and style. And that’s exactly what we did.

For one thing, Rachel Blistein, the creator of the Moxie line, is not a stylist or corporate mogul – just a regular person with ‘challenging’ hair and a knack for creating truly awesome hair products. After years of trying expensive treatments and stylers that never quite seemed to deliver, or that stopped working after a few applications, Rachel decided to try her hand at formulating her own, personal use hair care products. As a life long nature lover, she also wanted to make her products as chemical-free and environmentally-friendly as possible. After many, many, many failed attempts she finally honed a few products that miraculously worked much better on her thick, curly hair than any others she had tried. Soon she was making samples for friends and family (who told their friends and families) and, before she knew what hit her, she was selling her creations to total strangers!


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  • Straight Up™ Sleek Control

  • Scalp Therapy™

  • Re-Wind™ Protein Treatment

  • Oasis™ Moisture Gel

  • Just Gel™ Styling Concentrate

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